MacaRONS vs. MacaROONS


Let’s get this straight…MacaRONS are NOT. I REPEAT NOT. The same as MacaROONS.

1. MACARONS are the beautiful French cookies that have a hard shell on the outside, and a chewy almond center. They also sandwich a layer of buttercream or ganache, which helps give the shell a richer flavour.

2. MACAROONS are just normal COCONUT cookies.


So now that we’ve got that cleared up, here’s my macaron story.


I can’t believe this actually happened, but my dream FINALLY came true….my macarons came out of the oven looking NORMAL. This is my third attempt at making these little devils. There is so much technique that goes into making them, and I haven’t felt such a rush of accomplishment for a very long time.

So here are a couple photos of my previous disasters with making macarons. I KID YOU NOT…this is the hardest dessert to ever make because every little measurement and combining technique counts!

Batch #1:…I don’t even know what this is. The macaron had skirts instead of feet, and the top was so thin that it was just flaky…I ended up making green tea dough balls with the rest of the batter.


Batch #2: My macarons rose up this time at least. However, the tops of the macarons looked bubbly, almost as if I fried them. The skirts were huge and didn’t look as elegant as I wanted them to be. They actually look kind of like egg balls that you can’t get form the night market.

IMG_0334 IMG_0369


IMG_3605The feet came up just a little too skirt like, but the texture of the cookie was BEAUTIFUL! I’m so obsessed with making them now that I made a Nutella batch the next day. This time, the feet rose up perfectly.



It’s not the ingredients that make a macaron hard to make, it’s the technique of combining those ingredients in the right way. For most meringue recipes, they usually stress the fact that you always have to incorporate air with big strokes when mixing ingredients to the meringue. That’s what I did in the first 2 tries, which is why they NEVER ROSE PROPERLY.

What you’re SUPPOSED to do when making these little cookies is to COMPRESS the meringue. I’m so glad that everything finally worked out, now I have macarons to eat everyday :’D

I’ll be revealing the recipe tomorrow, so make sure you check back! Meanwhile take a look at my other new post: From Hobby to “Part-time Job” to see where RhythmNoms is at and what upcoming events there are for AIESEC SFU 🙂



“Do You Want to Build a Mudman?”: Baking with Siblings

It is often said that 2 brains are better than 1.

Making chocolate cookies and squirting Nutella on them, how hard can it be? Well, I spoke to soon.


My class ended late on Thursday and it wasn’t until 9:30PM that my brother and I started baking. It was supposed to be a quick treat, 30 minutes tops. I recently bought new cookie cutters that were made specifically for cookie sandwiches so I was glad I finally got a chance to use them.


IMG_5069 IMG_5074

I found a chocolate cookie recipe online that asked for “2 sticks of butter.” Being the tired student I was, I automatically assumed that it meant 2 bricks of butter. Yeup. 2 BRICKS. 

There was a little voice in the back of my head saying “isn’t that a little bit too much?” But since I already started mixing the ingredients, I dismissed the voice and joked around, concluding that it was an American recipe anyway, and that lots of butter was normal. My brother agreed with me and didn’t question me at all.

My brother also managed to squish an egg until it exploded, splattering egg shells and egg whites every where (don’t ask me, I don’t know how he did that). But here’s a picture of him inspecting the dough to ensure that there were no egg shells in it:


After I finished mixing the dough, it was abnormally moist, but again, I justified my speculation by thinking it needed more chilling time. So I placed the dough in the fridge to chill, and went back to my computer to check on social media. Well, the website with the recipe appeared, and just to reconfirm the amount of butter, I looked at the recipe again…2 sticks….2 STICKS?!


My original plan was to make half the recipe, so I put in “1 stick” (aka one brick)* already in the cookie mix. So in the end, I had to QUADRUPLE every ingredient in the recipe since I put in 4 times the amount of butter. The math was killing me and I was so mad that I now had the amount of dough enough to make 160 cookies.

*Just a little bit of background knowledge, 1 stick = 1/2 Cup, while 1 brick = 2 Cups

And guess what Dynamic did? He made a mudman.


So that was just a quick summary of a very long night of baking. The cookies did end up being really good (yay!). Thank goodness I have a sibling who can give away cookies to his friends at school, otherwise, my house would smell like buttery mess. It was also good sibling bonding time to see how we could go through trials together, even in baking.

Lesson Learned: It’s helpful to bake with a partner who will actually ask you what you’re doing so that you catch silly mistakes like adding 4 times the amount of butter!

Nutella Cookie Sandwiches:

IMG_5080 IMG_5081 IMG_5083

Chocolate Cookie Fruits Tarts:

Because I had so much cookie dough and it was also Pi Day (March 14th)

IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5088