About Me


You found me! My name is Rhythm Tang, and I’m an aspiring graphic designer who not only has a passion for creativity, but also has a constant hunger for deliciously baked goods. Being the busy business student I am, I still make time to relax, whether it’s spending time in front of the oven, or doing a couple DIY experiments to exercise my imagination.

To kick off 2014, I have decided to create a blog, where I will make weekly posts about new recipes I have been trying out, as well as any interesting DIY projects that I’ve decided to work on. Feel free to comment on my posts to share your ideas with me and other readers!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something interesting on my blog! 🙂

Find more here:
Instagram – RhythmNoms
Twitter – @Rydumms
Pinterest – Rhythmmt
LinkedIn – Rhythm Tang
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One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello! I have a few questions before I place an order!
    1.) How does the price work?
    2.) Where do I go to pick it up?
    3.) What flavours do you have?
    4.) You have an amazing talent for baking 🙂


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