BC Cadet Honour Band: Where the Leprechaun Lives

This is a post dedicated to all of the cadets who went to Honour Band in 2012.


St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really a big thing here in North Burnaby. Sure, the local bakeries sell a couple green-themed pastries and the dollar store stocks up with decorations, but I’ve never really seen anyone going full out celebrating it…until I went to Honour Band.

For those of you who are familiar with my cadet past, you’ll know that Honour Band was my first real cadet activity that I went to. I’d never went to camp before, so I wasn’t prepared for the wake-up call in the morning.

My first impression of a cadet “camp”? Annoying. Loud. Obnoxious. LEPRECHAUNS.

Cadets from 2012, I think you’ll remember this. The first morning in Victoria happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, and coincidentally, one of the officers was Irish. So this is how we were woken up at 6AM. Not only was the Irish officer shouting out at the top of his lungs, “HAPPY SAINT PATTY’S DAY” in his acted Irish accent, but he also came to all of our doors and kept slamming it with his ring finger.


I never knew a ring could make so much racket! Well if you ever need a loud alarm in the morning, tell your parents to wake you up by slamming their ring hand at your door, because it will be so unpleasant that you’ll never want to go to sleep again.

It was quite hilarious to see him at rehearsal during the day though. He was dressed as a full on leprechaun, with green velvet clothes, curly red hair, and he purposely grew a red beard to fit the occasion. He actually looked like a more Irish version of Lucky from Lucky Charms!

He really showed me the true side of officers. I had always been scared of them at my squadron because they were always so uptight and always seemed to be mad at something. The officers at Honour Band are truly the best, and I was so glad to meet such “dynamic” music instructors!

Anyways, I’m sharing this out of my sorrows that I was not able to go to Honour Band this year because it’s midterm season for universities. I couldn’t afford to miss any more school days because I’d already missed a lot for my New Zealand Trip. Seeing cadets who are on tour right now post pictures on Instagram and Facebook is making me a little teary eyed – I’m beyond jealous!

To those bandies out there who are still young and still have a few years left in cadets, work on your music levels so that you can get in to Honour Band! It was definitely one of the greatest and most memorable experiences in my LIFE, and I was so glad that I had the opportunity to meet so many great and young musicians from all over BC who later on became the best friends I’ve ever made.

To the cadets who are at Honour Band right now, I can’t wait to watch the concert on Thursday night! I’ll definitely bring some cookies for you guys to nom on while you guys are en route to Vernon. I hope you guys are having fun, and remember to bring back awesome stories of your experiences to spread the music love at your home units!

See you guys tomorrow night! 🙂

Honour Band 2012:

525204_10150684332942159_1322206111_nHonour Band 2013:



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