Congratulations MAJOR Wong!

If you’re an air cadet, you know that there are 8 ranks in total:

1. Air Cadet (AC)

2. Leading Air Cadet (LAC)

3. Corporal (Cpl)

4. Flight Corporal (FCpl)

5. Sergeant (Sgt)

6. Flight Sergeant (FSgt)

7. Warrant Officer Second Class (WO2)

8. Warrant Officer First Class (WO1)

We got it pretty easy in Canada because the first four ranks are automatic promotions based on the years of service in the cadet program. In New Zealand, every rank is earned. They have to apply to go to special courses in order to acquire the skills needed for the next rank, even if it is just getting promoted to a Cpl.

Well yesterday night was a special night, not only because the first years got promoted to their first rank of LAC, but also because our Commanding Officer, Capt Wong, got promoted to a Major! This is one of the higher ranks an officer can achieve.

To celebrate this special occasion, the Parent Sponsoring Committee decided to have a refreshment table after closing parade.

For all the recipes I’ve made this far, I’ve made them in fairly small batches, the minimum being 2 cupcakes, and the maximum being 15 cupcakes. I wanted to make use of this opportunity to make something for a purpose. I usually just bake for fun and come up with random ideas, but this time, I wanted to create a batch of cupcakes for people to celebrate with in a special setting.


So, I decided to make something personalized for my CO’s promotion, and I wanted to make lots of it. I felt like I was an actual baker for a moment because I was baking so much at a time, and filling a huge piping back with lots of icing because there were so many tops to ice! I was also working under a time constraint because I only had 2 hours to bake a bunch of cupcakes and perfect my entire uniform.

This time, I played around with making chocolate figures, such as backgrounds and letters. I was very glad they turned out exactly as I planned!

I was quite happy to see the cupcakes go away so quickly after closing parade – The plate was swept clean 15 minutes in! Unfortunately, someone ate the “A” before I could take a decent picture, but here it is anyway!


So have fun with what I learned about making chocolate pieces 🙂


1. Melt the chocolate using proper chocolate melting techniques

2. While the chocolate is melting, place a piece of parchment paper on a tray that will fit into your freezer

3. Pour the melted chocolate onto the parchment paper, and use a straight edge to spread it out so that it is at least 4 mm thick


*Too thin is not good because the whole sheet will crack while it is contracting in the freezer. *Too thick is not good because it will be hard to cut up after it freezes


4. After 5 minutes, bring the sheet of chocolate out of the freezer. Using a sharp knife, cut down the middle of the chocolate to release tension

11 3

5. Cut the sheet into slices lengthwise, and then widthwise

6. Pop them off of the parchment paper gently by putting your hand under the parchment paper


7. Place the piece of chocolate upside down so that the smoother side (side that was touching the parchment paper) faces up


8. Decorate the top of the chocolate slices with icing or a different tone of chocolate. Enjoy! 🙂



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