On Wednesday, WE WEAR PINK.

February 26th – Pink Shirt & Anti-Bullying Day


The world has over 7 billion people, spread across nearly 200 countries. Every country has it’s own culture, and every culture has it’s own traditions, beliefs, and values.

On February 26th, we wear pink because we want to recognize the vast diversity we have in this world. Not only are we celebrating the hundreds of nationalities that inhabit this world, but we are also admiring the people themselves; whether short or tall, old or young, and man or woman. We call it anti-bullying day because we want to emphasize our differences and tell the world that there should be celebration for our differences, not hatred.

I have been challenging myself to bake at least once a week, and bake not just ordinary cupcakes, but cupcakes that have some significance to them. I really wanted to capture the essence of  “diversity in a cupcake.” It was 12AM at night when I finally had the time to bake, so instead of doing something really complex like making a 7 layered rainbow cake, I decided to just go with a Neapolitan Cake design.


The split batter illustrates the point that there are differences in the world, and that we can see them. However, even if they exist in the same country (like Canada), they don’t mix. You can still see the distinct differences on the outside. What I wanted to capture was how even though we look different on the outside, we’re still quite sweet on the inside. It’s the different colours that add complexity to a simple cupcake, and no matter the colour, it takes all of us to make a complete figure.

So that’s the inspiration to this design. It actually takes a bit of practice to make the split batter cupcake, but in the end, they all turned out great! It’s funny because it’s really the only cupcake where the bottom of the cupcake looks just as good as the top ;). Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

1. Prepare a vanilla batter and a chocolate batter. Make sure that your batter is not too runny, otherwise, it will be very difficult to split the batter in the cups since the batter will come out faster than you can control it

2. Start with a spoonful of vanilla and drop it on one side of the cupcake liner so that it fills 1/4 of the liner


3. Very quickly, grab a spoonful of the chocolate batter and drop it in so that it also fills 1/4 of the other side of the liner


4. Get another spoonful of the vanilla batter, and drop it on the first side so that it fills to approximately 3/4 of the liner. Do the same with the chocolate batter


The reason why I poured the batter 4 different times is because if I filled the cupcake liner with one type of batter to 3/4 on the first spoon drop, the batter would be too heavy, and would not stay on its side. Instead, it would just fill the entire bottom of the liner, and then you wouldn’t be able to split the batter.

The cupcakes looked so good when they were baking! It was very cool to see the two colours bake at the same time, but not mix with each other.


IMG_4237The bottoms of the cupcakes turned out beautiful! I would love to try mixing batter again 🙂

6. I topped it with some pink butter cream, and voila! I had my Pink T-shirt Day Cupcake to celebrate the fact that diversity can appear even in the littlest of cakes!



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