Cake Balls: How To Turn a Fail Cake into a Delicious Dessert

How did a fail batch of cupcakes turn into an artisan treat? Well, I took a tip from a blog post by my professional baker friend, Rosy Choi, on how to turn baking disasters into new delicious treats 🙂


My original plan was to make green tea matcha cupcakes. I wanted to make a chiffon cake instead of normal cupcake because I wanted to capture the Asian essence of the green tea component. I played around with using only egg whites…well it didn’t turn out so well.

The cupcakes came out in such an odd form. The cupcake itself was “straight.” Usually, cupcakes have a muffin top. The muffin top didn’t just not appear, it shrunk. Yes, a huge crater formed on the top AND the bottom of the cupcake. The middle of the cakes were 1cm less thick than the walls. In short…this batch was absolutely not presentable.

IMG_4292 IMG_4293

So what did I do with this fail batch of cupcakes? Usually, I would’ve just given them all to my dad to eat because he eats anything. BUT, after reading Rosy’s post, I decided to take her awesome advice to make cake pops out of them!

What a genius idea! It’s so simple that I wonder how I never thought about that myself. Cake crumbles, icing, chocolate, it’s such a simple recipe that makes such a good treat! I’m so glad I didn’t have to waste a whole batch of cupcakes, and instead, make something that was even more delicious. Thank you so much for your advice Rosy 🙂

Everyone please check out her blog! She has her own company called “Rosy’s Bake Shoppe,” and she also makes a lot of dinner recipes.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know your comments 🙂


Cake (If you don’t have cake “scraps” to use, baking a cake is fine too)

Icing (If you don’t have leftover icing, making your own icing is fine too)

Mini cupcake liners (Cake balls) or sticks (Cake pops)

Let’s get rollin’!

 1. Mash up the cake until it is crumbly

IMG_4295 IMG_4296

*If you baked your own cake, let the cake cool completely before you start crumbling it. Otherwise, the cake will stick together because there is a lot of moisture and heat

2. Knead the cake crumbles with icing until the mixture is able to stand by itself without crumbling (you can try rolling some into balls at this point to see if they break or not). I’m not giving any measurements because it really depends on the type of “mistake” had. If it’s too dry, use more icing. If it’s too moist (like my batch), use less icing.


3. Roll the dough into balls about 2-3cm thick depending on whether you’re making a cake pop or ball. Cake pops are usually bigger than cake balls.


*Don’t make the ball too big for the cake pop, or else it might fall off the stick when you are dipping it in chocolate

4. Place in the fridge for at least 45 minutes so that the balls stiffen and don’t fall apart

*Cake pops: Dab the end of a stick into melted chocolate and then stick it halfway through the cake ball before you place everything in the fridge

5. Melt chocolate using proper chocolate melting techniques. Place the ball into the chocolate and use a spoon to smother it with chocolate. Shake the spoon around to get the excess chocolate off

IMG_4305 IMG_4306

*Cake pops: Dip the cake-end into the chocolate and use a spoon to round the chocolate. Be careful not to press too hard, or else the whole cake will fall off the stick

6. Transfer the ball onto parchment paper, and place into the fridge to let harden


*Cake pops: You can either insert the stick into a colander or make your own Styrofoam tray for it to try and serve

7. Take the balls out and decorate it however you like (Ex. sprinkles, drizzling with chocolate)


IMG_4317 8. Place the balls into mini cupcake liners and they’re ready to serve!

IMG_4334 IMG_4332


7 thoughts on “Cake Balls: How To Turn a Fail Cake into a Delicious Dessert

  1. Rhythm these look amazing! You got them to be so perfectly round and smooth. Also, I don’t know if it’s my past experience with failed cake pops but when I read “*Don’t make the ball too big for the cake pop, or else it might fall off the stick when you are dipping it in chocolate” I burst out laughing 😛 Great work as always!

  2. I tried this, I made a cake for my mom for her birthday and it didn’t turn out well it fell apart and I mixed everything together cause I had frosted it and so I mixed the cake with the frosting and it turned into a big mess. It’s too moist

  3. Thanks for this. You saved me with this one! I made a cake in a fancy bundt pan for a church event, and it fell apart! I couldn’t take it like that, so I am very happy to have found this yummy solution! Cake balls at midnight? You bet! 🙂

  4. something really cool i did was before i put the cake in the bowl and started crumbling it the rest of the way i put some food coloring in and it made it have little color speckles

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