Greek Yogurt & Honeydew Cupcakes

Good morning everyone! I hope you are enjoying the nice bed of snow outside from last night. Good thing I made these yesterday or else it would’ve been too cold 🙂


This recipe was inspired by my best friend, Sammie Chan, who has a never-ending love for greek yogurt. I also thought that it would be nice to finally experiment with a “healthy” recipe so that I wouldn’t feel as bad for test tasting so much.

I LOVE Greek Yogurt. The texture is brilliantly thick, and it is quite versatile! Dips, sauces, and even desserts! It never loses it’s charm, and that’s why I decided to feature it in my new cupcake.

These cupcakes took me the WHOLE DAY to make because of so many experimental errors.


Batch #1: I tried incorporating honeydew puree into the cupcakes so that it would give off a greener colour, as well as the sweetness of honeydew.


     Error: The consistency of the cupcakes turned out like a rock, just like the time I tried using durian puree for my durian cupcakes. Not only was the cake too dense to swallow, but it also turned salty because of the amount of honeydew I put in there. Honeydew is actually not as sweet as I imagined…

Batch #2: I made vanilla cupcakes and wanted to make a “honeydew jam” to fill the cupcakes. I did this by combining sugar with the honeydew puree, adding a little bit of thickener


     Error: It looked clear and terrific, until I tried it. The taste was so weird that I can’t describe it. It sort of tasted like kiwi mixed with oatmeal…just something not pleasant

Batch #3: I finally resolved to making normal greek yogurt cupcakes, which is just substituting the milk portion of a vanilla cupcake recipe with greek yogurt. I was so happy because they turned out BEAUTIFUL! They were so round and white, I just wanted to decorate them right away!


Baking takes a lot of patience. I got frustrated every time my experiment failed on me, but I also felt a huge surge of accomplishment when something finally worked!


This leads to the greek yogurt “frosting.” I say it in quotes because it really is just greek yogurt piped onto the cake! But here’s what happened before this:

Batch #1: I wanted to incorporate powdered sugar and vanilla into the greek yogurt like a normal icing so that it would be a tad sweeter


     Error: I tried my best to fold it in, but after the 2nd fold, the yogurt already started separating and it turned into a drippy mess

***Because I didn’t know what to do with the now liquified greek yogurt because it wouldn’t stiffen up when I put it in the fridge, I made them into Froyo pops! Always have a back-up plan when baking 😉

Batch #2: I didn’t want to waste anymore yogurt, so I just scooped a huge chunk of greek yogurt right from the container into the piping bag. The yogurt kept it’s stiff texture and it worked out perfectly!

IMG_4071 IMG_4072

Greek yogurt “frosting” tastes almost exactly the same as cream cheese frosting. Not only is there no mixing involved, but it’s also a lot healthier!

I hope all of you try out using greek yogurt as a substitute because you won’t be disappointed! However, I highly recommend that you check out my other post about “Tip & Tricks for Using Greek Yogurt” before you head off, so that you don’t waste your time making the same mistakes that I did.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂


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