Project 365

Welcome back to my blog! To lighten up your mood from the gloomy weather we’ve been having lately, I will be talking about my first DIY Experiment of the year!


Yes, Project 365. For those of you who are not familiar with this type of project, it’s a project where you do something special every single day of the year. Here are some common things people do:

  • Write daily words of encouragement and bind them into a booklet
  • Take a picture a day and post it in an album
  • Write a letter to that special someone everyday of the year and enclose it in an envelope

My inspiration to start this project came in Christmas of 2012, when I found myself contemplating what the significance of these gifts were. Most of the gifts that I received or gave away were either cookies, gift baskets, or other items that you knew were definitely from Costco.

None of the gifts were personalized to anyone’s taste.

So, at the beginning of 2013, I committed to a year-long project that would not only surprise my significant other with a gift that is out-of-the-ordinary, but also a gift that will allow him to walk down memory lane at the end of 2013.

So enough with the background story…here’s what I actually did!

Things I needed:

1 Glass Jar

365 pieces of origami paper (can be coloured)

1 Pen

365 days worth of patience

My steps:

1. In order to remind my boyfriend of the memories we had in 2013, I decided to write notes that either reflected what we did or what we said to each other on a particular day

2. At the end of every day, I would take a few seconds to jot down the memory onto a piece of origami paper

3. To give my gift an artistic twist, I decided to fold the notes into specific shapes that represented each month. The shapes depended on what was special that happened during the particular month (Holiday, significant event, etc.)

IMG_1816IMG_1818IMG_1819IMG_1820IMG_1822IMG_1827IMG_1828IMG_1829IMG_1857IMG_1854                                                     IMG_1855IMG_1851

January: Airplane (Journey into the 2013 new year)

February: Heart (for Valentine’s Day)

March: Curl (to celebrate the fact that we were back where we were when first met)

April: Bunny (for Easter)

May: Tulip (for May flowers)

June: Cupcake (for my birthday)

July: Wedge (for us going away for cadet camp)

August: Fan (to fan away the hot summer weather)

September: House (because he moved to UBC)

October: Ghost (for Halloween)

November: Folded Square (Because I started realizing I was running out of room in the jar haha)

December: Christmas Tree (for Christmas)

4. After I folded the note, I dropped it into a glass jar, and never looked at it again until he opened it the year after! (Just to keep it authentic and “in the moment”)

*If you’re having troubles finding a jar big enough, try looking for one at a craft store, like Michaels or Daiso


Yes, writing 365 notes and stuffing them all in a jar does seem like a big commitment, but honestly, if you do it out of joy and realize how happy the person will be when they see it, it really is worth that 1 minute at the end of each day!

Here’s a little testimony from the man himself:

I felt like a kid on Halloween who just came back from hours of trick-or-treating and poured all 365 items on the table.”

I realize that it is already 1 week into the New Year, but don’t worry, it’s not too late to start the project now! My boyfriend just came back from his Christmas vacation so I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for him by posting it earlier haha.

If you decide to take on this project, please comment below to share your idea with everyone! I’m interested in hearing all the creative projects everyone has! In the meantime, remember to check back this weekend for my new recipe!



2 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. this is not a project (just a comment), just to let you know before hand…but your a really lucky person yanno. youve probably noticed how talented and non-lazy you are unlike me and almost everyone else. it’d be a dream come true if i was even similar to you personality wise and intelligence wise (or in ways, your bro too)(well like a male form of you, cuz yea im a boy alright). You cant believe how grateful i am to find someone like you, living your dream, something i dont see often (not everyday. once in a lifetime) . your like those enthusiastic dreamers in a drama show. i really cant notice you in one tho ._. lets just hope youll never find out which cadet is talking to you like this. cuz yea. dont get me in trouble 🙂

    anyways, as i said, “it’s well worth it. well worth it.”
    -Susan Boyle

    ps. now that i read it, it sounds really cheesy. and no, dont reply to that email. its obviously fake…

    • Hello cadet! Thank you for such encouraging words 🙂 I’m quite bad at guessing actually haha, but in the end, it’s the thought that really counts. I’m glad I was able to show myself in that light, and I hope that I have made a positive impact on your life. Keep chasing your dreams! You need to believe in yourself before you do anything!

      Now it’s my turn to put in a cheesy quote: “Just keep swimming” – Dorothy, from “Finding Nemo”

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